Wxlves - Rain - Album Cover 2015

WXLVES – Always Running (Feat. Sarah P. & Donnie Darko)

Wxlves - Rain - Album Cover 2015

Dear all,

There is no rest for the wicked and so there is a new collaboration of mine that saw the light of life. You know, it’s all about work, work, work! I have been working like an ant the past year. As you can probably imagine, it takes time for the songs to get released – things get harder for the artists day by day, but that’s another conversation that I’d be happy to start on another post. And maybe have a real talk about it. Take it to the social media. But anyway. My brain hits me up with the whatever-what ideas, like whenever-when. Should I edit the text? Oh, Sarah!

So, back to the initial point. The Los Angeles hip hop duet WXLVES are Mem2001 & Black Brad. They sent me this song last year and I instantly fell in love with its sweet melancholy. You have to know that Mem2001 (Mark Michalski) is a really good friend of mine, whom I met through The New Division. ‘Always Running’ is a song that will take you to the underground hoods of LA. It’ll be your guide on your existential trip and mess a little with your tantrums and emotions. If you’re fans of old school hip hop, it’s more than sure that you’ll love it.

The whole album is available for free download on bandcamp and on soundcloud. For more details about the duet and their album Rain 2004, you can visit The Wild Magazine.

Till next time, I’ll leave you with this! I hope you like it!

Lots of love,