Sarah P. - Tour Poster

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Sarah P. - Tour Poster

Photo by Christoph Neumann

It’s been a long while since the last time I was on the road, but that’s about to change. Shows are coming up for Sarah P. and I cannot hold back my excitement!

My very first show/record presentation/birthday party will be on the 12th of December, two days prior to the release of FREE. For obvious reasons, it will be at Birthdays, in Dalston, London. It will be a free show. If you find yourselves in London those days, you should come over. It happens that I’ve played that venue with my old band, shortly before they had their opening or something. It smelled like fresh paint and everything was super new. It also happens that London is my magic city. Everything starts from the British capital for me. Although I’ve played quite some shows there, this one marks my renaissance and that’s quite important. The Sarah P. crew is super happy to share the stage with the gentlemen of Teddy. You can find more info on the facebook event of Birthdays , because no matter how much I nag about it, Facebook happens to be the center of one’s social life. ~Don’t get me started~.

We move forward with the dates since there are some more shows that I can announce *wink*.

Next stop is Eurosonic Noorderslag, in Groningen, Netherlands. The festival runs from the 13th to the 16th of January. Although I am not allowed to tell the exact date/time/location of the show, I have to say that I’m impressed by the venue that we’re playing. I say “we” because I have a band.

What is more, the shows must go on!

It’s probably no news that my home is now Berlin. On the 25th of January, there will be a Sarah P. show at Privatclub, in Kreuzberg. Yo, Berlin! Save the date. I will make sure to remind you, though, because I know that you do not plan that far ahead.

Anyway. If my messy writing & blah blah had you all confused, you should hop on songkick where all the dates are listed. There will be more dates added very soon. I hope I’ll catch you somewhere. If that happens, come to say hello!

With Love,


PS: In other words and news, oh my, I caught a super bad cold, that I wish nobody gets it. Stay protected and dress well! ~ words by the granny of your hearts~

PPS: Just to make sure there is no miscommunication here, I will be fine by the time of the shows. Let’s make sure we’ll all be healthy to boogie. Naja. Boogie. To “shake it” might be more accurate. Byye!

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