A “LoveStory” that’s different – new video & more!

Dear everyone,

I’m really happy to share with you the video for my new single “LoveStory” out of my solo debut LP Who Am I.

The video is directed by award-winning director Eftychia Iosifidou and I’m co-starring next to my cousin Clio Arvaniti. Clio and I grew up together. Despite us being only one year apart, I always looked up to her, seeing her as my big sister. Both of us being only children, our relationship was the closest thing to having a sister. So it’s indeed a love story – perhaps a different one from what one would expect.

Sarah P. - LoveStory - Cover
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When writing “LoveStory”, I decided I wanted it to be a love letter but not necessarily to a romantic partner. Love is way more than romance, anyway. Filming a video while in Greece and doing that together with Clio felt just as right. I wanted it to depict warmth – a homely feeling, and I think we succeeded in this. I’m so grateful to my girls – Eftychia and Clio, for reminding me that creation and fun can go very well hand in hand.

As you probably noticed, I’ve been relatively silent on world events lately – which seems quite unlike to what you’re used from me. My heart’s always with all those who’ve experienced a fair amount of injustice and feel weary and angry – I hear you, I talk to you every day, I read about you on the news. I might as well be one of you – another person put in a sealed box of stereotypes. But hey, I’ve only been seemingly silent. I’ve been non-stop working at the studio all summer to finish recording my next album. I figured why not put all my energy and frustration into creating something artful. Once again inspired by current events, once again a record that’s going to speak out a truth that many don’t want to hear. But we do, right?

Seeing so much despair in the world and an alarming endorsement of hateful views by many, we can’t keep quiet. We shouldn’t keep quiet. Each and every one of us can make a change through our daily actions of kindness and respect. When we feel put down and in fear, we should just think of our favorite people on earth. What would they do or say? Let’s channel their amazingness!

“LoveStory” is a sweet tune to remind us that we’re capable of loving and being loved. We all have wounds – some of us have deeper scars than others, but we’re all in this together. May the song and the video soothe you as much as it soothes me to interact with you and exchange opinions. To those writing to me, keep doing so! To those who haven’t written me yet, I’m always here!

Sending you much love,


PS: If you want to contact me, write me on sarah [at] sarahpofficial [dot] com x
PPS: Make sure to also check out the “LoveStory” remix by The New Division.

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