EraseRestart - Issue 8 - Women

EraseRestart, 8th issue: Women

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EraseRestart, 8th issue: Women 💃 . Hi all! The 8th issue of EraseRestart is dedicated to all women warriors out there who are battling mental illness like champions. Realizing that you’re facing a mental health challenge and fighting for it, being brave to talk about it and seek out for help – taking action. That’s so admirable! It’s proven that women are more likely to talk about their mental health, despite the stigma. For years, we’ve put up with the “mentally unstable” stereotype “due to hormones”, the “oh, it’s that time of the month” sexist comments… It’s time to erase the stigma/hypocrisy/gender bias from the talks about mental health. It’s time to restart the conversation on new grounds, teach the younger generations and the men in our lives the magic of lifting each other up. Fun fact: sisterhood – the major force that it is, is helping you heal. According to the @mentalhealthfoundation, “good social support can play a part in preventing ill mental health and can help people recover from mental health problems”. Food for thought and a good reason to be thankful today (and every day). Thank you for stopping by and for joining forces with me to break the stigma surrounding mental health💃🌹✨

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