Someone told me dreams are growing on me…

Those dreams of a better world.

Art is a vehicle to share values, hopes and dreams. Perception is key and it’s unnecessary to put a person in a box – we can be all we want; no-one’s remarks should alter or mock the pathway that we chose for ourselves.

Through words, music, visuals, and actions, I’m here to say that I stand with those feeling unsung and misreckoned by our strata led societies. I firmly believe in collective efforts; the power is in the movement. Let’s rebuild our societies in a way that allows us all to foster the feelings of security and belonging. Let’s erase problematic behaviors and restart with the understanding that all is equal, respected and cherished.

We can’t undo our history, but we can learn from it and shape our future.

Democracy, freedom, equal opportunities, respect, kindness. We can achieve it all, if we wanted to.


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