poem : put on your nice clothes

Poem: Today Put On Your Nice Clothes

Hi everyone,

Today is a day that nerves are tested. America’s decision affect the rest of the world. However, as the Obamas leave and the Trumps move in, we shall remain calm and keep our heads up. So I invite you all to put on your nice clothes. Today we will observe. But from tomorrow and on, we must react. Not in an angry way, not in fear – but with pride. So put on your nice clothes, wear your beliefs and ideals as your hat and stand tall. I don’t have much more to say – it’s one rare moment that I ran out of words. But I will keep on dreaming of a better future and a better world and I will keep on believing that my dream can come true.

With love and with hope,

Today Put On Your Nice Clothes

Wake up from your dream.
Today is here.
Get out of your bed.
You dread it, I know – me, too.
But compared to the other days, today is sunnier – at least in my head.
Let’s step on a cloud and watch the world from above.
To see things clearer.
Come on, get up.
You’ve got this.

poem : put on your nice clothes 1

Let’s put on some clothes.
Let’s pretend that it’s spring.
Winter is here.
He’s making his presence strong.
He’s visible.
He stands above our heads, grilling his teeth &
showing off a power that you and I cannot control – or so we’re told to.
But never mind;
you and I have plans.
We have plans for today.

poem : put on your nice clothes 2

You look nice.
You put on your nice clothes to celebrate life with me.
A good life that you and I intend to live.
I know the weight you carry is heavy, but we can share it.
And together, we could – I say we could put it away.
Maybe not today, but in a long run, we surely could.
I have time, do you?
I think you do – you and I share more than you think.
As friends, as people.
We share the same story.
We have the same fate.
After all, it all breaks to one thing.
And you have a heart – I have a heart, too.
You have a brain – I have a brain, too.
We think, we breathe and we feel.

poem : put on your nice clothes 3

You’re hesitant – reluctant.
You’re scared.
I’m scared, too.
I’m afraid that today is the day that all we know will start fading.
But how would that be possible – look at the sun, how it’s shining today!
For you and me.
For the “we can do this.”
For the “we’ve got this.”

poem : put on your nice clothes 4

So stand up, sit straight!
We’re proud people and we intend to be seen as such.
Are you nervous?
I am, too.
My stomach is tied as a tight knot and I have no appetite.
I could sit all day long on my rocking chair, staring at the void.
But I won’t.
Neither will you.
Today, we’re pretending it’s spring.
Blossoming hearts and thoughts all over.

poem : put on your nice clothes 5

We don’t surrender.
We shall resist.
Our minds are taught to freely think, our mouths are taught to freely speak.
We shall hear what others have to say, but we don’t need to agree.
We can peacefully coexist, despite our disagreements.
Maybe we can do so – from today.
From today and on.

poem : put on your nice clothes 6

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