Sarah P. - Plotting Revolutions - Album Cover

My new album Plotting Revolutions is out now

When I started writing Plotting Revolutions three years ago, I couldn’t have possibly imagined that I would release it amidst a public health crisis and an actual revolution against racism and police brutality. I’m always writing about one’s need to find their “home” – but what does that mean for the world today? In my head, “home” is safety, “home” is balance. My intention behind my music and write-ups has been to offer shelter for thoughts and conversations that people usually avoid having. Right now, we’re past beyond the point where we can have a casual conversation, exchange opinions, and then move on with our lives. Because social change is so bloody late that even Vladimir and Estragon would have left.

So, is there a point in plotting, or do we just revolt – also against ourselves, for have been complicit – remaining silent for too long against injustice; living our lives, buying goods, sleeping well at night. Not voting because “what will it change”, but also complaining that we’re powerless against the system. Moving forward, there will be a new normal. For once, you’ll hear me saying that we can’t just erase and restart. There’s simply too much hurt that we collectively hid under the carpet. What’s happened is that the carpet’s too old, too stretched and evidently, torn apart. We just noticed – can’t go back replacing the damned carpet.

Our societies are fearful. We are fearful. Each and every one of us for different reasons. We’ve come to find out – in the most tragic way – that life is unpredictable. It took a novel virus – the “invisible enemy” – to make us reflect on things we often took for granted, and reconsider our choices. It even brought us together – briefly. Following the current news, I (re)start believing we’re lightyears away from positive change. Because there are still people who will try to justify brutality, call systemic violence “isolated incidents” and choose to be so inherently, deeply racist and inhuman to the point of no return. My heart’s bursting out in anger and despair, and I can’t even begin to fathom how it must feel to be on the receiving end of scrutiny, taunting, and abuse for centuries. How can some still try to erase history when all facts are laid out?

All we can do is take the time and listen (but really, listen) – educate ourselves, learn from history and quit repeating the same mistakes over and over and over again. There’s racism, all kinds of discrimination, abuse of power, and the victimizers’ disgusting cockiness of “it’s alright, we won’t get caught”. Violence – there’s everywhere in the world and I don’t remember when it was the last time I read about something positive in the news.

Get to the frontline – we must get to the frontline. There’s no excuse. We must do something. Protest – through marching, signing petitions, voting… through art and in everyday life, by becoming more conscious of our actions, by calling out injustice. There’s a greater cause and we must fight for it – social equality, justice, equity. A better future for all. Zero tolerance for discrimination. We must persevere. And only hope we’ll emerge victorious.

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