My new EP Maenads is out now

Dear all,

my Maenads EP came out today. On my 29th birthday, I couldn’t be more grateful for my family, friends, as well as for my growing Sarah P. / EraseRestart team. Maenads EP was conceived and written from winter till spring 2018. It was recorded this summer at my favorite Artracks Studios in Athens. Maenads EP serves as the link between Who Am I and my upcoming full-length album Plotting Revolutions. Sappho’s Leap – the intro of Maenads EP – is my first Greek track to publish. Mneme is a (hopefully soothing) lullaby for those burnt by love during a time when wounds mended easier. Lotus Eaters is a song about those who chose to forget – for what it’s worth, we won’t forget, right? Cybele’s Dream is inspired by the stories of my great-grandparents who came to Greece from Smyrna in 1922; we can’t undo our history, but we can learn from it and shape our future. On that note, I call for peaceful co-existence – yet again! Maenads is a cheeky future disco song about Athens, its cliques and its never boring nights.

I don’t want to say more about what inspired me to write this album. I invite you to make it your own. I’m very excited for your feedback and thoughts on my Maenads EP.

Thank you for reading and happy listening.

Sarah x

Maenads EP

1. Sappho’s Leap
2. Mneme
3. Lotus Eaters
4. Cybele’s Dream
5. Maenads