EraseRestart - Issue 9 - Youth - 1

EraseRestart, 9th issue: Youth

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EraseRestart, 9th issue: Youth 🌿 . Hi all! Today is #worldmentalhealthday and I think it’s most appropriate that the theme of this issue is the mental health of the youth. The numbers of poor mental health among children, adolescents and young adults are doubling from year to year. In the UK only recent studies proved that the average time for a child to be treated for a mental health problem is ten years, with the parents reporting deterioration of their child’s health within that time. But what happens to countries with even less funds (or no funds at all) to spend for the treatment of children and young people’s mental health? What happens to children traumatized by war and a painful journey to seek refuge in another country? We’re responsible for the youth and the generations to come – it’s about time that we realize that and we start taking actions. Erasing the stigma that surrounds mental health is one good, first step towards a healthier society. Then we can restart/reset/reboot. It shouldn’t be that hard; we didn’t do it for us – we HAVE TO do it for our children. We must empower and provide them with the right tools for the difficult years to come! Thank you for reading & happy (mindful) scrolling! More power to the youth 💚 . . #theworldneeds to empower its children #childrenarethefuture #globalmhsummit #timetoact #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters

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