EraseRestart - issue 7 - Men

EraseRestart, 7th issue: Men

EraseRestart, 7th issue: Men 🚹 . Hi all! The 7th issue of EraseRestart is about men’s mental health. Men are less likely to talk about their mental health struggles and seek out for help. Due to the toxic stereotype of the man being seen as the provider in our societies, a mental illness is often seen and perceived as weakness both by the one struggling and his peers. LGBT+ men, as well as men who belong in racial/ethnic minorities appear to struggle the most because society is making it even harder for them from very early on in their lives. The high rates of male suicide worldwide prove that stigma and internalised pain are leading nowhere. If you need emotional support and/or are struggling with thoughts of suicide, seek out for help at your national suicide prevention line. Be healthy and thank you for stopping by, SP 🌝✨ (List of help lines worldwide

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