Erase Restart issue 6 creative industries

EraseRestart, 6th issue: Creative Industries

EraseRestart, 6th issue: Creative Industries 🧡 . Hi all! The 6th issue of EraseRestart is about mental health in the creative industries – and it’s a bit different, if you may! It’s meant to debunk the myth of the creative genius. That being said, a recent study in Northern Ireland found out that people working in the creative industries are three times more likely to suffer from mental health problems than the general public. From what I’ve seen in the places I’ve been, it’d be safe to say that this is not a problem that only people in Northern Ireland are facing. Insane deadlines, lots of competition, a derailing economy all over the world that requires creativity to survive, lack of security… the list is long! Not to mention that working in the creative industries means no day off and in many cases, even no sleep. I made this zine today to shed a light on the lives of many people that you might have in your surrounding. Let’s stop telling them that they should stress out less or that they should find a “real job”. Instead, we should lend them an ear and find out more about their vision and the exciting projects they’ve been working on! Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll enjoy this issue, SP 🌝✨

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