EraseRestart, 5th issue: In Music

EraseRestart, 5th issue: In Music 💚🎵 . Dear music fan, dear fellow artist, Music artists all over the world are being exploited on a daily basis. That leaves them with poor mental & physical health, debts and no hope for the future. It's up to you and me to change that. We should all come together, united by our love for music. • Stop supporting management companies & labels who cash in on the backs of exhausted artists. • Boycott labels & publishers who promote quantity over quality. • Boycott events where performers are criminally underpaid – invited to play for "exposure". • Lastly, turn your backs to clickbait publications and unethical journalists who see a story in someone else's tragedy. We can bring a change, but only if we stick together. Power to the artists! ✊🌹 Yours faithfully, Sarah P.

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