EraseRestart, 2nd issue: At work

EraseRestart, 2nd issue: At work / There’s no shame in asking for help . Hi everyone! This is the second issue of EraseRestart. With my Instazine, I invite you all to erase the stigma around mental health & restart in our communities with more understanding and respect towards those affected by mental illness. As I wrote before, EraseRestart is made with love and is the result of personal struggles and history. This issue is focusing on work. A workplace doesn’t necessarily give us the chance to show who we really are. The high pressure of our times has led to people “burning out”, which is a not-so-terrifying word for depression. Yet, according to @statista, the “percentage of adults who would turn to a counseling center for help in case of burnout as of 2017” is just 17%. This zine focuses on solutions rather than on problems – whether we’re talking about quick “mood pick-me-ups” or changes we should actively incorporate in our lives in order to be more inclusive and understanding towards the rest of the world. We all have a lot to learn so I encourage you to swipe through EraseRestart & start a conversation – talk with your friends & family, with your colleagues & managers. And remember – there’s no shame in asking for help! In fact, it’s the most courageous thing. It will all be ok, as long as we have each other’s back. Thank you for your time & wishing y’all a nice weekend. SP 💙

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