EraseRestart, 22nd issue: Holiday Blues

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EraseRestart, 22nd issue: Holiday Blues 🎄 . Hi everyone! They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year – is that true? Have you ever experienced the holiday blues? There’s a great deal of pressure for feeling warm and jolly for the season. Families get together, exchange gifts and have big hopes for a new, thriving year. The cities get lit up by millions of Christmas lights and there’re tons of inspired decorations and installations ready to appeal to our inner child. That said, with everything that’s happening in the world, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get in the celebratory mood. In Greek we have a saying that roughly translates as “last year was even better”, which perhaps suits the current circumstances. I like to think that our societies become more conscious (despite recent events showing otherwise) – that we’re slowly learning to cut back on our yesteryear consuming habits, to become more healthy and “green” for the sake of ourselves and our planet. The holiday season’s promotion of all kinds of overconsumption is not in line with our new, shared understanding of progress. For that reason, I invite you all to stand by the knowledge we’ve conquered. We shouldn’t give in to the pressure and wild expectations of this holiday season. If we need time alone, if we don’t feel like partaking in the feast or prepare for fancy gift-givings, that’s OK. For this month’s EraseRestart, I’ve gathered some facts about holiday blues and tips on how to fight them. As always, we’re together in this and we’re talking about it! Sending you all lots of love and wishing you truly, happy holidays. Thank you for stopping by, SP 🌝✨

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