EraseRestart, 18th issue: Self Care

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EraseRestart, 18th issue: Self Care 🌸 . Hi everyone! EraseRestart is back with an issue dedicated to self care. It took me many years to accept that practicing self care doesn’t mean being selfish. While I’d go around and preach to the people around me “take some time off, respect your limits”, I would constantly cross mine, oftentimes, leaving me completely floored. I wouldn’t say I’ve now mastered the art of self care, but I’ve most certainly become better at it. Self care is an ancient concept that’s somehow misunderstood, in today’s world. It isn’t a luxury, but a necessity. It’s absolutely VITAL to practice self care, in order to maintain good health. I encourage you all to consciously take a break, think of your needs and make a plan to fulfill them. Happy scrolling and happy relaxing. SP 🌝💕✨ . PS: This is the issue I published last month and then deleted it because it barely showed to people. I’ve had some troubles with IG and its algorithm – apparently it doesn’t ~love~ the EraseRestart format. But as I’m looking for alternative platforms (already working on an event here in Athens ✨✨), I decided to re-upload this issue because truly, simply – self care matters and also we can’t let those bits & bytes mess with our projects and passions. A HUGE THANK YOU to all those people sending me sweet and encouraging notes last month about EraseRestart. Lots of love to you all 💕💕💕✨✨

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