EraseRestart, 16th issue: Awareness

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EraseRestart 16th issue: Awareness 👁👁 . Hi everyone! The 16th issue of EraseRestart is here to look into awareness. Everyone is raising awareness about something these days, but why? What is a mental health advocate? Since 1949, Mental Health America has established Mental Health (Awareness) Month, observed every year in May all across the United States (and beyond, thanks to new technologies). We have definitely moved forward since the late 40s/early 50s, when this action was first initiated. We’re definitely more aware and sensitive about social issues that tantalise our communities. People are keen on talking more and louder about mental health these days. We speak about it, but do we listen? Part of raising awareness is educating ourselves. What is mental illness? What are the mental health disorders? How can we achieve productive advocacy and help destigmatise mental illness? Starting from somewhere, we can take cues from Mental Health America and be inspired by their commitment and resilience. Mental health is part of the bigger conversation about public health – something that should matter to all. We must keep listening, learning, talking about it and taking action. For a more inclusive world. Thank you for stopping by, SP 🌝💚

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