Golden Deer: a dream and its three videos.

Hi there,

I hope you’re doing good. I mean, it’s been pretty crazy lately. Our world may be a little mean and crappy at the moment, but there’s always time to fix things, dream big, and do good! In that spirit of seeing the glass half full and being hopeful, I’m happy to share with you the videos for Golden Deer. It’s not one, it’s not two, it’s three videos under the umbrella of one simple thought… how is it when you close your eyes to sleep and you dive deeper and deeper in that dream of yours, till you lose the absolute control? That’s the idea behind our video series. Other than that, there’s colors, awkward dancing, and flowers, as always.

Golden Deer was the beginning of a wonderful collaboration with the Berlin-based videographers Schall & Schnabel. We are all part of the Blogfabrik family, an office that’s no typical compared to others and fuels creativity among its members. In their own words Schall & Schnabel (Pierre Horn & Eileen Huhn), with the video they “visualize a dream. The colors, the pictures, the visual elements layer and in their multiplication a crazy interaction, and new associations. Some sequences remind of coral reefs, others of a kaleidoscope. A very own, powerful, poppy, and experimental image language and dynamic was created, bringing an atmosphere that is charming and playful at the same time”.

The song itself is about a golden deer I dreamt of once. It led me to its home, a colorful forest where everything was shiny and beautiful. The deeper I was getting in the forest, the more I felt confident and free in my own skin as if this unique creature shared a bit of its magic with me. As if I was becoming it – another golden deer, running free into the carefree paths of my subconscious. This song is meant to encourage each of you to take a break and go where you wish to go, do what you really want to do. For yourselves. We all need and deserve this own time where we pamper ourselves. I would say, just go for it & I’ll try to do the same!

Much love to you all,


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