Berlin Winter Playlist

My “Berlin During Winter” playlist

Hi everyone,

I hope y’all doing great. The sun seems to be coming out – the winter is almost over. It was a tough winter with so many things to process. Core values are at stake, people’s lives are at stake and this is a reality that we face – a dance that we must dance. But fear not – I know first hand that many artists out there are writing songs for you and I and all the people who care and worry about what’s to come next. I know it because I come across so many wonderfully talented people on a daily basis. I made a playlist on Spotify for us all who, despite the better weather and the first blooms, we’re feeling weary and gloomy in this uncertain world. However, we can’t just feel and be blue – we need to stand up to bring the change.

Artists want to be and want you to be aspirant of a better future.

Melancholy and sadness have their art. While snooping around other artists profiles, I noticed that most of the songs that were written in the past couple of years are not just sad. There’s a hope coming with them, whether in the form of a brighter melody or of a more optimistic line. Artists want to be and want you to be aspirant of a better future – one that we build and not one that’s imposed on us. There’s so much to look forward to and so much to improve – and yeah, there will be sad moments ahead of us, as well as happy ones, too. I hope that my picks will not bring you down, but be the light to guide you through these particularly disturbing times. I also hope that you discover some new amazing acts and songs. And just to let you know, I will be updating this playlist all year long.

Onwards and upwards! We’re together in this!

With love,

As I wrote this Spotify playlist is for us all. If you have any song suggestions, feel free to contact me.

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