EraseRestart - Issue 9 - Youth - 1

EraseRestart, 9th issue: Youth

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EraseRestart, 9th issue: Youth 🌿 . Hi all! Today is #worldmentalhealthday and I think it’s most appropriate that the theme of this issue is the mental health of the youth. The numbers of poor mental health among children, adolescents and young adults are doubling from year to year. In the UK only recent studies proved that the average time for a child to be treated for a mental health problem is ten years, with the parents reporting deterioration of their child’s health within that time. But what happens to countries with even less funds (or no funds at all) to spend for the treatment of children and young people’s mental health? What happens to children traumatized by war and a painful journey to seek refuge in another country? We’re responsible for the youth and the generations to come – it’s about time that we realize that and we start taking actions. Erasing the stigma that surrounds mental health is one good, first step towards a healthier society. Then we can restart/reset/reboot. It shouldn’t be that hard; we didn’t do it for us – we HAVE TO do it for our children. We must empower and provide them with the right tools for the difficult years to come! Thank you for reading & happy (mindful) scrolling! More power to the youth 💚 . . #theworldneeds to empower its children #childrenarethefuture #globalmhsummit #timetoact #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters

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EraseRestart - Issue 8 - Women

EraseRestart, 8th issue: Women

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EraseRestart, 8th issue: Women 💃 . Hi all! The 8th issue of EraseRestart is dedicated to all women warriors out there who are battling mental illness like champions. Realizing that you’re facing a mental health challenge and fighting for it, being brave to talk about it and seek out for help – taking action. That’s so admirable! It’s proven that women are more likely to talk about their mental health, despite the stigma. For years, we’ve put up with the “mentally unstable” stereotype “due to hormones”, the “oh, it’s that time of the month” sexist comments… It’s time to erase the stigma/hypocrisy/gender bias from the talks about mental health. It’s time to restart the conversation on new grounds, teach the younger generations and the men in our lives the magic of lifting each other up. Fun fact: sisterhood – the major force that it is, is helping you heal. According to the @mentalhealthfoundation, “good social support can play a part in preventing ill mental health and can help people recover from mental health problems”. Food for thought and a good reason to be thankful today (and every day). Thank you for stopping by and for joining forces with me to break the stigma surrounding mental health💃🌹✨

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Sarah P. - Millennial Girl - Photo by George Geranios

New video “Millennial Girl” is out now

Millennial Girl is OUT 🙆‍♀️✨

This video – an odyssey in itself, was filmed earlier this summer, but was supposed to come out last year 😅 The song is obviously sarcastic – chose to pick on my fellow millennial girls (w/o excluding myself), because I know that they can take a joke❣️
Girls (of all ages) have always been told how to do things: how to do our hair, what to wear, how to lose weight, how to look pretty. Superficial worries have been passed on from generation to generation, only to keep us busy for a lifetime trying to get what we don’t have. I couldn’t be more proud and grateful for all the women worldwide who are challenging this narrative and breaking all these stupid, outdated stereotypes. To all the ladies here and everywhere – YOU ARE PERFECTION, just the way you are! I’m really excited to share with you my upcoming records and projects, inspired by female empowerment in the past, in the present and in the future. The Who Am I era is closing – the Maenads era is about to begin!
That’s all for now – lots of love to y’all and especially, to my millennial girls 💚💚

For now I’m leaving you with my cheeky song and this video filmed by the rad George Geranios. I had the chance to meet and work with the brilliant power girl Natalia Balta for the styling. And what can I say for my dear friend/goddess of wisdom/exceptionally gifted Sophia Sarigiannidou and the super, super talented Sofia Pergiannaki who took care of the hair and makeup for this video. Lastly, major shout out to Norman Treffkorn for the beautiful coloring of the video! That’s all for now – lots of love to y’all and especially, to my millennial girls 💚💚

EraseRestart - issue 7 - Men

EraseRestart, 7th issue: Men

EraseRestart, 7th issue: Men 🚹 . Hi all! The 7th issue of EraseRestart is about men’s mental health. Men are less likely to talk about their mental health struggles and seek out for help. Due to the toxic stereotype of the man being seen as the provider in our societies, a mental illness is often seen and perceived as weakness both by the one struggling and his peers. LGBT+ men, as well as men who belong in racial/ethnic minorities appear to struggle the most because society is making it even harder for them from very early on in their lives. The high rates of male suicide worldwide prove that stigma and internalised pain are leading nowhere. If you need emotional support and/or are struggling with thoughts of suicide, seek out for help at your national suicide prevention line. Be healthy and thank you for stopping by, SP 🌝✨ (List of help lines worldwide

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Erase Restart issue 6 creative industries

EraseRestart, 6th issue: Creative Industries

EraseRestart, 6th issue: Creative Industries 🧡 . Hi all! The 6th issue of EraseRestart is about mental health in the creative industries – and it’s a bit different, if you may! It’s meant to debunk the myth of the creative genius. That being said, a recent study in Northern Ireland found out that people working in the creative industries are three times more likely to suffer from mental health problems than the general public. From what I’ve seen in the places I’ve been, it’d be safe to say that this is not a problem that only people in Northern Ireland are facing. Insane deadlines, lots of competition, a derailing economy all over the world that requires creativity to survive, lack of security… the list is long! Not to mention that working in the creative industries means no day off and in many cases, even no sleep. I made this zine today to shed a light on the lives of many people that you might have in your surrounding. Let’s stop telling them that they should stress out less or that they should find a “real job”. Instead, we should lend them an ear and find out more about their vision and the exciting projects they’ve been working on! Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll enjoy this issue, SP 🌝✨

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EraseRestart, 5th issue: In Music

EraseRestart, 5th issue: In Music 💚🎵 . Dear music fan, dear fellow artist, Music artists all over the world are being exploited on a daily basis. That leaves them with poor mental & physical health, debts and no hope for the future. It's up to you and me to change that. We should all come together, united by our love for music. • Stop supporting management companies & labels who cash in on the backs of exhausted artists. • Boycott labels & publishers who promote quantity over quality. • Boycott events where performers are criminally underpaid – invited to play for "exposure". • Lastly, turn your backs to clickbait publications and unethical journalists who see a story in someone else's tragedy. We can bring a change, but only if we stick together. Power to the artists! ✊🌹 Yours faithfully, Sarah P.

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sarah p right where it belongs cover

My cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Right Where It Belongs” is out now

sarah p right where it belongs cover
With the utmost respect to the original, I’m delighted to share with you my cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Right Where It Belongs” – This is my take on what one would call a “masculine song”. A musical cross-dressing, a matrimonial service between received ideas & non-conformist moods. This is my effort to break from the cage I’m put into because of genetics and social stereotypes. While the world is making steps towards understanding and empowering its women, there’s a long way to go. And I’m here for it.
On my first album Who Am I, I called for introspection. It seems like we need to dig even deeper. Would you like what you’d find? Or, in NIN’s words “would you find yourself afraid to see”? We can do better, we can do so much better – that’s the real battle.
Make sure to not take for granted all information you receive – cross-check it and learn to recognize political and social propaganda that can occur from all sides, really. The more knowledgeable and independent we become, the less disoriented and alone we’ll feel.

EraseRestart, 4th issue: Talking about it with a Partner

EraseRestart, 4th issue: Talking about it with a partner 🖤 . Hi everyone! The fourth issue of @eraserestart is here, recommending playing with open cards when in a relationship. Similarly to the third issue (“Talking about it with friends & family”), it’d be safe to state that a romantic partner can play a positive role in the life of someone who’s struggling with their mental health. That being said, an unhealthy relationship can have the exact opposite effect and impact the lives and mental wellbeing of both people involved. Everyone comes with their own baggage, that’s why communication and understanding are essential when in a relationship. Due to the instability of our times and what we’ve been taught by older generations, we tend to always be in the lookout for something better – a better house, job, better friends, better partners. This attitude leads to a fear of commitment inextricably linked to the fear of missing out. Even when in a relationship, we might find ourselves questioning our choices – a frustration that we might project to our partner by sending them mixed signals of what we want. Being open about our anxieties and other struggles can only help to build relationships that are long-lasting and meaningful. What if we’re missing out on something important, exactly by striving for the perfect life? In all cases, perhaps we need to relearn how to talk to each other and redefine our idea of “trouble”. Perhaps, we all need to walk the line between knowing our limits and not being selfish when someone’s calling for help. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll enjoy scrolling through this issue, SP 🌝✨

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My anthology “Who Am I – Seasonal Queries & Thoughts” is now available

Get “Who Am I – Seasonal Queries & Thoughts” here.

EraseRestart, 3rd issue: With Friends and Family